CHERRY STEMS (Tea) – 50 gr


50 gr per pack

CHERRY STEMS Tea (50 gr) is recommended for normal functioning of the urinary system. It eliminates the excess fluid retained in the body.


CHERRY STEMS Tea is recommended in:

  • urinary disorders, pyelonephritis, kidney stones,
  • adjuvant to mild arterial hypertension due to strong diuretic effects.
  • it is effective for weight loss, helps to eliminate fat deposits.
  • it is adjuvant in prostatitis

• disinfectant of the urinary tract
• helps to eliminate urine sediments from the bladder
• it is an effective diuretic, used for pathological retention of water
• it is disinfectant, leads to the elimination of toxic products resulting from metabolic processes
• it relieves pain in the stomach, in cases of stomach cramps
• due to the depressive effect, it can be used as an anticoagulant
• it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the prostate
• it normalises elevated cholesterol levels and fights atherosclerosis
• it is an effective antitussive, used as an adjuvant in situations of a recurrent cough.

It contributes to:

  • normal functioning of the urinary system;
  • eliminating urinary “sand”;
  • the removal of excess fluid retained in the body;
  • improving digestive capacity;
  • reduction of the bloating condition;
  • stimulation of gastric and intestinal secretions;
  • stimulate the production and elimination of bile;
  • regulation of appetite and assimilation of food.



Cherry stems (Cerasus avium) – 50 gr


Suggested Use

Suggested Use:

Infusion – add a spoon of cherry stems to 250 ml of boiling water, leave for infusion at room temperature for 20 minutes. Take 3 cups of infusion a day, 30 minutes before meals.

Patients with significant kidney stones should avoid drinking cherry stem tea.

This product has been notified to the National Agency for Medicinal Plants of Romania. Notification No: 1344 / 27.06.2016


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