What is herbal therapy?

Herbal therapy = herbal medicine = botanic medicine = phyto-medicine. It refers to the traditional medicine using plant’s seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, or any other part, in various forms and combinations, for medicinal purposes. Herbal medicine is sometimes referred to as “alternative” medicine, where allopathic medicine represents “conventional” medicine. ( We strongly oppose this classification! )

What is standardized extract?

A standardized plant extract is the result of technological procedure during which a consistent, measurable concentration of a recognized phyto-constituent is extracted from the plant. Standardization of extracts appeared as a necessity in order to avoid natural variability in the quality and potency of finished herbal products. In the absence of standardization, natural variability occurs due to a multitude of factors: geographical, seasonal, horticultural and post-harvest handling factors, all with the potential of influencing the quality of the finished herbal product.

What is gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy – a natural pharmacology – belongs to the realm of phyto-therapy, more specifically embryo-phyto-therapy. Gemmotherapy is a form of embryo-phyto-therapy that uses extracts derived from the buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs rather than the flowers, leaves or roots or whole plant used in herbal medicine.

The significant and unique aspect about this is that gemmotherapy extracts contain developing, fresh embryonic plant tissue  (the meristems), whereas herbal remedies contain the developed, adult parts of the plant. As a result, the bio-chemicals they contain are often quite different, as well as the therapeutic capabilities.

It can be used by anyone – newborns to the elderly. Gemmotherapy was included in herbal therapies in France in the Pharmacopée Francaise in 1965 and it is used in several countries ever since: Romania, Austria, Germany, Italy, etc.

Gemmotherapy literally means ‘bud therapy’. Gemma is the Latin word for ‘bud’. Another meaning of gemma in Latin was ‘gem’ or ‘precious stone’.

NB: gemmotherapy has no connection with crystal healing or gem therapy.

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Can you give me therapeutic advices?

No. Our role is limited to providing you with the most comprehensible and complete gamma of plant-based products, which can help you maintain and/or improve your health. Our e-shop is structured as to help you easily reach the products you are interested in, depending on your needs.

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