Detox or Weight Loss?

Detox does not mean weight loss! … but it may result in weight loss!

The Internet is full of advices for losing weight fast and detox, and more and more often  a sign of equality is being put between the two. However, a detox treatment is not synonymous with a weight loss diet!

Everything starts with what we want to achieve: to detox or to lose weight.

  • Do we want to regain our energy, endurance, get rid of fatigue, insomnia and small health problems? Detoxification is the answer!
  • Do we want to regain our harmonious silhouette and be again in an excellent physical form? We then choose a healthy diet.

Starting from the goal we are proposing, we will choose the right approach to reach optimal results.


Detoxification, complex action for the whole body

For thousands of years people have felt that the body needs detoxification to regain balance and energy. The foundation of holistic medicine has always been the belief that diseases occur when the body is in an imbalance, and restoring balance in the body has the consequence of restoring health. Because the entire body is a complex and balanced mechanism, when an organ suffers, it brings a series of imbalances to the rest of the body, other organs and / or functions.

Recovering the body’s balance by detoxifying organs that produce body fluids (humors such as ball, blood, phlegm) has been the main treatment for centuries. Even today, the principles of cleansing and detoxifying the body are still demonstrating their strength and represent a perfect way to maintain health and prevent disease.

Detoxification may also result in weight loss due to the effect of drinking certain teas and consuming certain detoxification supplements that reduce bloating and water retention. But this is not the purpose of detoxification. Its main purpose is to help the body eliminate a large amount of toxins and regain its energy and inner balance.


The best detoxification methods

Contrary to the general belief, there is no detoxifying method that is entirely based on herbal supplements.

Why is that? It may be difficult, but you have to imagine that our body is an extremely sophisticated mechanism performing integrated complex functions. So complex that modern science is still struggling to understand! And one of major tasks of our body is to eliminate debris (toxins), which accumulates within and has the potential to negatively affect its various functions.  It does that through liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, all organs that help detoxify the body and purify the blood. Apart from using these organs for detoxification and cleansing, our body also has a formidable ability to regenerate and keep up with its complex tasks even when proper detoxification is not achieved, for example when there are temporary impediments (stressful situation, temporary food of sleep depravation, etc.)

If we change the status of temporary impediments and make them permanent (permanent effects of industrialization, permanently stressed modern life, relatively chaotic and unhealthy diet, permanent air pollution and constant contact with chemicals) we realize that we have dramatically contributed to permanently reducing the efficiency of our body in performing all its functions, specifically detoxifying and maintaining an internal balance.

Medical experience shows that our sophisticated body is able to function within specific parameters, which in many cases are amazingly large. In fact they may be so large that our body functions almost properly and displays no evident symptoms in situations where disease is present and has impaired more than 50% of the functioning capacity of our body. Such examples are:

  • Parkinson disease (primary symptoms appear when 60% to 80% of dopamine-producing cells in the brain are irreversibly lost),
  • heart insufficiency (when symptoms are not present, routine ECG at rest screening may not record any anomaly of heart disease, although the heart is severely sick),
  • kidney insufficiency (60% to 75% of kidney function may be lost – many times irreversibly – before occurrence of any symptoms).

The natural conclusion is to congratulate our sophisticated body for its performance under severe conditions. Most of us would do that as it really deserves our profound appreciation!

A secondary conclusion is drawn by only a few of us: the occurrence of each of three conditions presented above is preventable in most cases! Installation of disease occurs when detoxification is not done and the accumulation of toxins synergistically affects multiple functions and organs of the body.

This is when we (each one of us for ourselves) have to step in, to give our body a helping hand in its fight to work in optimal parameters!


What are the best tricks for detoxification?


 Step 1: Change your diet

This does not mean to eat salads anytime, but to choose healthy and healthy foods based on fruits and vegetables and some weak protein.

  • Choose foods that have been boiled, steamed or baked, not fried or barbecued.
  • Limit consumption of meat and diary products. Studies have shown that human body extracts and assimilates better proteins and calcium from vegetal sources (soya, oat, carob powder, salads, beans, etc)
  • Avoid all that has artificial dyes, food additives, excess sodium and flavor enhancers.

REMEMBER: when switching to healthier diet, food may be less tasty. It’s an indication that you are on the right track, until you get used to the new tastes!




Step 2: Remove toxic substances: Alcohol, Excess Drugs, Tobacco, Sugar

Once you have eliminated alcohol and excess medications, your liver will be able to handle other important processes and you will feel more energetic and more powerful. Also once you have quit smoking, your lungs will be able to take up the greater amount of oxygen required by all organs.

REMEMBER: society does not categorizes sugar as toxic. Nevertheless the benefits of removing sugar from your diet are overwhelming and have similar effects as removal of other toxins: more energy, lower blood pressure, lower risk of fatty liver, cholesterol, heart diseases, Alzheimer, dementia, cancer, etc.




Step 3: Exercise

It is recommended that any detoxification process be accompanied by physical exercise. Toxins are not stored only in the blood, but also in fat cells. Physical exercises help mobilize and burn fat in the body, clean blood therefore improve blood circulation, release of lymph which in turn is important for all processes in the body.

REMEMBER: exercise should progressively increase in intensity, until the body adapts to the new rhythm. Sudden excess of physical exercise leads to sudden unhealthy loss of vitamins and minerals through abundant perspiration, resulting in serious imbalances in the body!




Step 4: Hydrate well

On average, adults are composed of 65% water. Because of this we have a good reason to hydrate us at any time, to keep the level of water constant in our body, whether we follow a detox program or not. An increase in the amount of fluid will result in an increased production of urine, which will help eliminate toxins more rapidly, along with bacteria in the urinary tract, thus preventing infections. Another strong point of proper hydration is the support for improved digestion.

REMEMBER: hydration does not mean ingesting any type of liquids. Simple water should be preferred instead of soda, any carbonated colored and flavored liquid, cocoa drinks and coffee.



Step 5: Choose supplements‘ support

  • Detoxifying teas from a variety of plants such as artichokes, lemon grass, ginger, senna, milk thistle, dandelion root, green tea or lavender are the perfect choice to supplement the daily amount of liquids.
  • Along with these, flax fibre and psyllium help accelerate intestinal transit and eliminate toxins from the intestine.
  • Chlorella (more infoand spirulin (more info)– both have strong anti-oxidant effect, are great sources of zinc and magnesium and have beneficial role in eliminating heavy metals.
  • Alpha lipoic acid– protects the mitochondria and supports the cellular and liver detoxification (more info).
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine– reduces oxidative stress at cellular level and improves liver and kidney function.
  • Selenium– perfect adjuvant for heavy metals elimination, especially mercury (more info). 
  • Activated charcoal– acts like a sponge in absorbing heavy metals from the body.
  • Zeolite – helps detoxification of the body from heavy metals and protects the activity of the kidney. It also alkalizes the body, preventing it from becoming acid (more info).
  • Gemmo-remedies (gemmotherapy)– play a distinct and important role in the process of detoxification. Their action is not holistic, but targeted on a specific organ in order to clean it and restore its functions (more info).

REMEMBER: Natural supplements are a significant help for our health, but they work better in combination with changes in life style.


Healthy weight loss

Just as a detox process should be followed intelligently with the purpose of helping the body re-balance, so the process for weight loss should help us lose weight in a harmonious and healthy way.

But before discussing some principles of healthy weight loss, we must emphasize the danger of drastic diets. They bring nothing good to the body in the long run, but on the contrary. Rapid weight loss due to food deprivation will cause the body to respond within the next few weeks with accelerated build-up of fat deposits needed for a possible future food deprivation period… that means: our body learns from experience!

In addition, deprivation of important nutrients can lead to illness.


Healthy weight loss is based on the principles of:

  • Balance: Eat different foods, from different groups, for a variety of nutrients. The more variety of foods will be offered to our body, the better it will learn to extract useful prebiotics and nutrients.
  • ProgramIt has been found that at some times of the day a higher caloric intake is needed than in others. For example, consistent breakfast is necessary for a bigger energy supply to help us work all day.
  • Monitoring: Research has shown that just paying attention to what we eat is one of the most effective ways to reduce calorie consumption. So eating diversely does not mean eat more!
  • Restrictions: No diet will be successful unless we abstain from certain foods! Eliminate unhealthy foods (fast food) and highly caloric foods.
  • Few caloriesSince water and dietary fiber are non-calorific, foods containing plenty of fiber and water tend to have a low caloric density.
  • Perseverance: To maintain a beautiful lifelong silhouette, we need a daily commitment. The more consistent we are in maintaining healthy eating habits, the better our chances are to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Motivation: If we manage to maintain our long-term inner motivation, we have the chance to have a beautiful figure and be healthy, energetic and fulfilled our whole life!

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: We mentioned earlier that detoxification may result in weight loss, depending on the condition of the body at the time the detoxification process starts. We must add that healthy weight loss always results in certain detoxification caused by the removal of  toxins from the fatty tissue.

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