Who we are

Our company in the field of e-commerce deals with plant-based products for maintaining / regaining the natural state of well-being of body and soul. The e-shop www.plant-power.eu is active on the niche market of over-the-counter (OTC) dietary products and dietary supplements within the general market of health and cosmetic products.

We are proudly representing main Romanian producers of dietary supplements and alternative herbal solutions. Why Romanian? Because traditional Romanian medicine exists from immemorial times, from the ancient Thracia. It was invoked in Charmides (strophes 156b – 157a) by Plato’s Socrates who stated that Thracian doctors – practitioners of Zalmoxian medicine – produce a godlike immortality, medical approach that eluded even the Greek medical skills at that time (strophes 156d and 156e) . Moreover, the father of modern homeopathy – Samuel von Hahnemann – lived and worked 2 years in Sibiu, Transylvania (Romania)  between 1777-1779 as curator and personal physician of Baron Brukenthal, governor of Transylvania at that time. It is believed that during that time he gained extended knowledge on Romanian traditional remedies and herbal medicine that would influence the writing of his famous book “Organon” (1805 – first edition) 

Romanian homeopathy becomes official as alternative medicine in 1969. In modern times, traditional medicine in Romania has co-existed with allopathic medicine for many decades and has flourished during the past 30 years.  Never before traditional knowledge and use of medicinal plants has been so successfully combined with latest most modern researches so as to create and offer such complete gammas of products!

We, www.plant-power.eu introduce you to herbal medicinal plants from the Carpathian Mountains and their secular forests – “Europe’s lungs” as they are called – from the pastures and hills surrounding them, from places which have remained untouched despite the world progress. We invite you to discover a multitude of Eastern European traditional medicinal plants which have fascinated the whole world with their miraculous therapeutic properties, all in traditional or in new recipes, alone or in various combinations.

We also introduce you to products made up of standardised extracts, created by international knowledge-based producers using latest technologies. These standardized extracts contain all bio-active phyto-constituents of medicinal plants necessary for therapeutic activity and have been used in original recipes by Romanian producers.

We are also delighted to introduce to our customers Gemmotherapy, the unique embryo-phyto-therapy which has been only lately researched and comprehended. Its miraculous effects of drainage and detoxification of specific organs in the body have made Gemmotherapy a reliable ally in the fight against a wide range of diseases, most of which affect a heavily intoxicated organ.