Ca-ORGANIC from Marine Algae



30 / 60 / 120 capsules per pack

Contributes to the proper clotting of blood, prevents the processes of demineralization, supports the health of bones, teeth and of the muscular system.

Adjuvant in: osteoporosis, obesity, dental caries, hypertension, recovery after fractures, chronic fatigue, premenstrual syndrome.

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Tabs / Caps

30, 60, 120


Contributes to:

* Absorbing and maintaining the normal calcium concentration in the body

* Maintaining the health of the bone and teeth

* Blocking demineralization processes

* Hormonal balancing

* Normal blood clotting

* The normal functioning of the muscular system

* A normal neurotransmission and the maintenance of mental health

* Normal functioning of digestive enzymes

* The process of division and cell differentiation

* Reducing physical and mental stress, chronic fatigue

Adjuvant in:

– Osteoporosis

– Obesity

– Dental caries

– Hypertension

– Recovery after fractures

– Chronic fatigue

– Premenstrual syndrome

The Difference Between Organic and Synthetic Calcium:

Many plants and marine creatures contain calcium in organic form, associated with various vitamins and minerals (especially Magnesium and Phosphorus), in the proportions left by nature. Organic Calcium is most easily assimilated by the body and, more than that, it is the only one that can rapidly improve the illness caused by its deficiency. In the case of osteoporosis, a condition characterized by demineralization and bone fragility, Synthesis calcium has minimal effect. Instead, the Organic Calcium obtained from calcareous algae stops demineralisation processes and, moreover, produces hormonal balancing, which is very necessary to ameliorate this condition.

Organic Calcium, an essential component starting with the first days of life, is assimilated very quickly by the human body, restoring the normal functioning of the body which was disturbed by possible deficiencies.

Extracted from calcareous algae, organic Calcium blocks the processes of demineralization and contributes to hormone balance, ensuring the well-being of the body.

The powder extract is currently the most powerful way of administering medicinal plants, 10 times more powerful in comparison with the simple plant powder, being assimilated very quickly by the body.

The calcareous alga is an important complex of trace elements and minerals. In addition, the composition of Magnesium and Phosphorus contained by the product supports the effective metabolism of Calcium.

The highest percentage of calcium in the body (99%) can be found in the bones and teeth.

The Complex of organic Calcium, Silicon, Phosphorus, and Magnesium assures the brightness and hardness of the teeth. At bone level, they are responsible for the strength and elasticity thereof. The Calcium in the blood balances the level of hormones, by normalizing heartbeats, the transmission of impulses to the muscles and blood clotting.

In close connection with the regulation of body weight, Calcium influences the burning of fats by reducing the percentage of deposited fat. It also shows its benefits in the case of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in women.

The Calcium deficiencies in the body can cause states of generalized fatigue, irritability, and difficulty to control one`s emotions. Subsequently, these conditions may be accompanied by the decrease of the effort capacity, insomnia or muscle cramps.

The calcium deficiency is responsible for the emergence of rickets in children and spasmophilia in adults.


Composition per capsule:

Marine algae (Lithothamnion sp.) standardised with minimum 30% Calcium and 2% Magnesium – 600 mg





Suggested Use

Suggested Use:

Adults: 4 capsules a day

Teenagers: 3 capsules a day

Contraindications: Hypercalcemia

A product notified by the National Romanian Institute of Research – Development for Food Bio-resources IBA, no. 7482/ 22.02.2013.

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